Summer rain in Copenhagen🇩🇰. 

It took me a while to upload this post because I was having so much fun in Copenhagen and I didn’t want to waste any moment. 


However, I have to admit that I wasn’t in quite a good mood in the first place. I was a bit sad and missed my family, my friends a lot. Therefore, I couldn’t enjoy both myself and the city so much. I thought the city was too commercialised just as any other tourist sights. Now I’m really glad that I did spend more time than other travellers to realise the true colours of Copenhagen. 

On the second day, I spent some time in my room chatting with a friend. We sure talked a lot at that moment. We knew each other a year ago when I was with a study group to Brighton. I always think that she’s a special girl, having her own thoughts and she’s never afraid to share them. During the chat, we reminded each other some important things we forgot a while. Something about being brave to be oneself, never stop oneself from living the present for the fear of the future and learning to be strong on one’s own. We had a great time chatting and felt like we could face all the challenges. 

In that afternoon, I brought on my good mood to the street for a walk. Just right after I got out, I got myself in a summer rain in the city. I didn’t rush or go back. I kept walking and later got myself into a Disney shop to get away from the rain for a while. 

To my surprise, a cute worker from the Disney shop talked to me. She asked me about my favourite character from Disney and we started a nice chat. She told me that her favourite princess is also Rapunzel and the fairy tale comes from Germany, which is actually my next stop. She also told me about the story of the new princess Moana changed her name in European countries. 

It sure was a pleasant chat and I got myself a Rapunzel collection set. There’s something I truly love about Disney :it always remind me a lot about having bright thoughts. Things I have to remember during the trip, such as being brave, happy and thankful. When I finally left the shop, I remembered that the worker smiled and told me that the rainbow painting on the ground is the actual length of Rapunzel’s hair. 

Later that day, the sun came out from the clouds and there was a rainbow. It was so beautiful, as beautiful as the city could be if you get the chance to explore its colours. 


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