I love this city!!! 🇩🇪 

After some relax under the sun in Copenhagen, I was so excited to hop on the train to Berlin. 

It’s definitely a beautiful city. I love that it not only has some history backgrounds, which is quite interesting for me, but also the fact that it has both fancy buildings and “ugly” wall paints. It felt like the most two different concepts are in the same space and it worked out perfectly. (My description is probably terrible but I know I love that feeling around the city.) 


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to share my coolest way to Germany. 

I was on my train from Copenhagen to Berlin and I had to make one change on my way. At that moment, I was like “nah, it’s no big deal” ;after all it was just a single train change and the two countries are on the same piece of land, how hard could that be? 

Well, the train then suddenly stopped for a couple of minutes and many passengers were getting off the train. I was totally confused. A young lady sitting across me was having the same face as mine. I asked her if the train was heading toward Hamburg and she told me yes, at least she hoped so (I guess that was good enough for me?). The train started to move again and it went on a giant boat. 

The announcement then spoke in English (finally!); it told us to go to the upper deck during the 40-minute ride to Germany. 

I don’t know how others think but I thought this was definitely the coolest transport ever😝😝😝

Back to Berlin. I truly enjoyed myself so much in this city. I love the people and I love the atmosphere. The people there are so nice, which is very different from our stereotypes with Germans. 

I went to see all the big sights and sure love this place much more than I expected. (Definitely putting Berlin on my pocket list for places that I am visiting again.) Hopefully I will get to have as much fun in Munich as well. See you soon 😊😊😊


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