Everything turned out to be OK. 🇩🇪

I was, again, very upset about the stay in Munich at the first place and I was totally in a bad mood for that. So let’s talk a bit about how shitty it was, shall we😅😅😅. 

First of all, the room had to squeeze six of us in it and there was just not enough space. The second problem was that the roommates were literally a bunch of alcoholics. (Seriously, did you guys have to get drunk every single day 🤦‍♀️) They came back late every night making noises ;they weren’t even trying to keep it down. The last thing was that there were just not enough plugs for six people. There were only two of them placing at really terrible spots :right next to the sinks. 

Anyway, I don’t want to focus too much on these negative thoughts. Getting right back to my time in Munich. 

To be honest, I actually didn’t spend much of my time in Munich😝😝😝. I was in Heidelberg for a day and Füssen for another. That was the first time I bought train tickets in a country that it’s main language isn’t English (Well, I still spoke to them in English anyway since that’s the only way they could understand me). 

I went to Heidelberg for a friend. He is in the army now and he told me it’s a beautiful city when we were talking about our summer plans. It was a truly gorgeous city; not to mention the view from the top of the hill:absolutely fantastic 😍😍😍. I truly hope that I could spend more time there but it took me three hours just to get there;therefore, I must headed back early.  

Oh yeah, buying clothes drove me crazy there, by the way (painful memory) . I wanted to get a T-shirt of the university for my friend mentioned above but I was terrible with choosing a proper size for a boy. At that time I was truly anxious because I really planned to buy a shirt from the very beginning of this trip. I just have to. I even talked to a Chinese guy in the shop to ask him about man size T-shirt and, I know, it was totally embarrassing. I end up buying three different sizes of pieces for him. Yep, I just couldn’t stand it. 

Just after the day I went to Heidelberg, I went to Füssen to see the famous newswanstone castle. I sure did a lot of walking to see the castle and it was absolutely worth it. It was like the castle in every little girl’s dream. 

I almost forgot to mention the workers in the train station and on the trains in Germany. They were so nice to people, always smiling and willing to help. Even with the ones that had to work in the early morning, the ones I met were really nice to me and there were no grumpy face at all. Impressive. 

(Sure have a great impression of the Germans😊😊😊) 


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