Travelled the world on a bench. 

Before getting into today’s story, I want to share my last day in Munich at first. 

On the last day I spent in Munich, I decided to treat myself a better meal;therfore, I went out into the shitty weather for a glass of 1L dark beer. The food and the drink, of course, were fabulous but I love the atmosphere of the restaurant much more😊😊😊. People there were just so happy and some of the old ones were even wearing German traditional outfits (how cool is that). They were all enjoying their beer; some of them held their hands and started to dance. A friendly old man even asked me to join them so I turned out dancing and singing along with the crowd 🤣🤣🤣. 

And here’s today’s story :I was sitting on a bench, chilling, just as usual; people came and sat on the same bench to take some rest. Who would have thought that one could travel the world by sitting on a small bench 😀😀😀.

There had actually been six people on that very bench. One was a worker from Kosovo giving away flyers, one was a father with his son, one was a German designer with his wife, one was a French old man travelling alone and the last one was a local photographer who had spent most of his life in South Africa.

The German came to the bench with his dog and he told me that he was waiting for his wife who was in the Sisi museum at the moment. The worker then came for a short lunch break; he sure complained a lot about this sunny day because people would prefer coming out to enjoy the sun than staying indoors for a concert. After his complaints, he went back to work. A few minutes later, a French old man came. 

He said he was travelling alone with his bike in Austria for a few days. He talked a lot about European politics which I didn’t really know much about. Yesterday, he was camping in a field and he got kicked out because the land owner thought he wanted to steal the sunflowers. He told us he’s going to see the famous horse performance tomorrow and showed us his ticket. 

I didn’t actually get to talk with the father since his boy was so energetic, kept on running around, and he had to keep an eye on him. 

There was me and the German left again and we finally talked. He told me that he’s a designer from Hamburg and he had made some partnership with some Chinese companies. He talked a lot about his work which was a bit hard for me to fully understand but he was definitely a nice guy. He also shared his trip: he and his wife were on a two-week vacation in Austria and Czech. Later, it was my turn to tell my story. I remembered that he was so impressed with me travelling on my own at such a young age. It was very nice of him to compliment my English speaking since he said that he had a hard time communicating with his Chinese partners  (I still think I sucked a lot at the speaking part, though) . He even joked on inviting me to his company in the future 😂😂😂. 

After this 30-minute chat, his wife finished her tour in the museum. Before they left, his wife gave me a Mozart chocoball and he asked me to recommend him some places in Taiwan for traveling. 

Last, I met the amazing photographer from Vienna. He started to talk to me because he thought I was Japanese and he could speak some of the language. He told me he had been in Africa since he was 21 and he took photos there since that was his job. He took photos of almost everything, such as politics, animals and the locals. I was pretty amazed by his crazy adventures and he thought I also did a good job on my trip in Europe. When he was about to leave, he waved me goodbye and told me to stay in one piece with a blink. I replied :Sure I will😊😊😊. 

It was such an amazing day to talk with so many different people with different backgrounds. I truly enjoyed the moment and I think I finally learned how to live at this point. Realising that sometimes I could take nothing but the memories with me, I learned to embrace every moment I live cause I’ll never be able to know when I will meet these same people at the same place in the same situations. 


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