Craziest first day ever. 

Today I went on a train to Prague as I planned. However, things weren’t actually that smooth as I expected. 

My passport as well as my ID, credit card, most of the cash were stolen and I had just arrived here for about three hours. I was so panic at the moment I found my stuff missing; then I was pretty calm when going through all the process. 

The staff from the hostel was really nice; she recommended me to go to the police at the very first place. I did that and I immediately phoned my parents to ask them to cancel the card payment. 

Later, the police had me filled some papers and gave me some kind of documents. I wasn’t that worried at all because I thought I did the right thing at the right time. Oh, I was a bit sad for I probably wouldn’t be able to finish my trip as I originally planned since I would definitely run out of money.

I just talked to a roommate from the States about my crazy first day. She told me she was sorry to hear that but I told her not to since I’d done everything I could at the moment. I would have to go to the ambassador tomorrow and see if I would be able to get a new passport and a emergency credit card. 

I just want to do a quick update on this. I mean it’s still part of the journey after all. Thanks to all my friends who showed their concern and I believe that I will be fine. It’s crazy hot now; I truly hope I can get enough sleep for the long day tomorrow. 


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