Laundry day. 

It really drove me crazy when someone cut in line to dry their clothes but I did have some chats with some cool friends today. Therefore, I would like to make a short update to introduce these cool people 😊😊😊. 

The first friend I want to introduce is Marcus, from New York. We met each other in the laundry room and we’re laundry bodies 🤣. He’s a boy about my age and he’s studying mechanical engineering at Northeastern University in Boston. He came to travel in Europe on his own as his birthday gift and he was heading to Budapest for his next stop. The funny thing was that he actually never been to an Asian country and I’ve never been to the states before. Maybe we’ll get to visit each other’s country in the future 😁😁😁. 

The second guy I chatted with is Peter, from India. He helped me opened the door of the elevator and we had a brief talk. He said he is going to stay for four nights. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet again soon since we are living at the same floor. 

The last one is my roommate, Rebecca, from Brazil. She came here from Switzerland because she started her journey since the 16th of July from Paris. It’s crazy that there isn’t an airport in her city;therefore, she had to take a bus for 5 hours to the nearest airport and then took a 12hr-flight to Paris. 

Oh. Another roommate just came in and she said she is from Athens in Greece. Please note that she’s not broke😂😂😂(that’s what she said) . 


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