Hello to everyone who visit my blog.

To simply put, I’m just a girl from Taiwan who recently decided to go on a trip to Europe on my own for the first time in my life. Some inspired me to do some blogging about this adventure. Having the thought that it may sometimes be a bit scary for me being all alone for 52 days in 7 countries, keeping an online diary will  make me actually feel like I’m sharing these moments with someone. I want this blog to be a little space for me to feel free to share personal experiences along the trip and fully express some related thoughts or feelings.

And, to my dear friends who saw this, I truly appreciate the support you show since the beginning. You probably won’t fully understand how much this mean to me but I won’t be able to do this on my own if you guys weren’t there for me. I hope you can enjoy the journey with me through this blog and I’ll do my best to keep on the updates.

 Hugs, Hsiao mei.